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I Will Rise…

I have been a part of history for you,
Nothing left to be said and nothing due,
I remember the twisted trues and all the lies,
The betrayal broke me then but I’ll still rise….
I remember the words that worked as sword,
It still pains when I look to that wound.
I remember those sleepless nights, Shoulders falling down like teardrops. 
The Weakened me by my soulful cries.
I remember the last sight when you killed me with your stranger eyes.
I remember everything but hopes just springing high,I have come a long way now and soon I’ll rise..Away from the chains of history’s shame, I will rise.
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain, I will rise.
I’m a deep ocean, leaping and wide, Welling and moving I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind all those drifts and fear ,Before my final day to go to the other “way” I’ll rise…  


Let’s Be Strong to Say a “Goodbye”!!


Hello Friends!! The beginning of a New Week!! I have full faith that all of us will lead to more joy, happiness and achievements this week..

Today my post is driven by the circumstances of people around me. Many of us have dealt with the absence of some people in our lives , who used to mean a lot for us at a point of time. This situation of letting people go becomes completely uncontrollable for many of us.  Yes , It’s a tough hack to master, purely because we get attached to all the living/non living objects very easily. We try so desperately to hold on to things even when they’ve served us beyond their purpose.

It might bring sadness, heartache,regret, tears and break down but each loss takes us on a journey which makes us stronger. Forgive people for the grief that you might have suffered because of them but don’t forget the lesson!! It will make you wiser.

Losing people is a natural part of growing up, but when we’re encompassed in a society that is constantly changing, we mainly believe that everyone we lose is a loss occurred which is really not the case!! It’s not necessary that it’s our fault or we are not good enough when we have to loose someone, or we are not meant to be surrounded by good people or the people we desire for, so this loss happened.

Just flip the coin!! 🙂 Look at the other side now- Probably we are not with a particular person now, because s/he has taught us all the necessary lessons, probably we are meant to achieve something much more than just being into a particular relation and that person was hindering our way , probably that person was not a deserving one and we were not able to see his/her real side so God took the charge and expelled him/her from our lives, or may be we both are good but we weren’t meant to be together 🙂 We were sent on the earth to enlighten the lives of many others. Remember even in a battle , King doesn’t send all his best soldiers in one direction, he has to divide them and send them in diverse directions to save more and more people. This can be same with us , God diversified us to spread happiness in the lives of more people so we are not together, People cross our ways when alike minds meet and after teaching all the necessary lessons , God brings “separation” in the story but We should not blame people or the almighty for this. We should be grateful to the people and nature for the blessings/ lessons that we got from a particular incident /relation.

If we really know that we have been cheated in someway or other then we should not cry for the culprits. Let him go, who wants to leave. Hindering the way of somebody can’t form a strong relation. Make the exit easy for people and yourself. Trust me, you will grow in folds after leaving a painful relation behind. The one who doesn’t value you, who doesn’t care about your presence and absence , has no right to be with you.

Don’t forget that – Who can’t stand for us, Doesn’t deserve to stay with us. Every relationship is a learning curve, so instead of mourning the people who aren’t present, we should celebrate filtering people out who no longer serve as support.

Loss can be one of the most painful feelings to endure but over time, the pain lessens and our eyes are opened to the fact that we don’t actually need that person anymore who couldn’t value our existence in his/her life. In the end- I believe on one fact which makes this ” People Filtration” easy for me, that is- Who wants to be with you , will find a way, Who is not willing enough to be with you, will again find a way” So better to let people decide first and follow afterwords, it will be less complicated for you to reciprocate their reaction.

Picking up the pieces, planting a smile on our faces and finding comfort in the fact that things will get better is the first step toward learning to be truly happy on our own. Because, what’s the point in wasting our time and energy on people who remain standstill?

We need to stop trying to force things because we’re scared to be without someone. We need to stop worrying, and start believing that things will be okay in the end. If things aren’t okay, it’s not the end.

If someone doesn’t treat us how we deserve, we shouldn’t accept their behavior just because it’s what we think we deserve. We don’t have to settle.

People have an unhealthy habit of hurting the ones closest to them, but we can choose not to be victim and go away from this breed of people.

While it’s hard to accept that not everyone who enters our life is meant to stay, we as human beings are built to encounter new people. We’re designed to explore, discover and grow, and not be held back by people who don’t have the same capacity as us.

So when we feel like we’re falling apart, we need to remind ourselves how that person made us feel. Not when we were naively content, but when we were achingly sad and bitterly confused.

Life is too short to be anything but happy- Have heard it!! Right!! Then why not to accept it and be Happy!! Learn to surround yourself with people who matter. We either grow with, or grow apart from people, and if it doesn’t feel right, it might be best to let it go.

People will become strangers and distant memories, but we don’t ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people from our lives. Play your part honestly and become a good memory for all.

Nobody has the right to infect us with negativity and doubt. As i mention in all my posts – Please have faith in the justice of almighty. Justice will take place at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected manner, in some way or other. But it will surely happen. Universe is an ECHO- we receive what we  emit, if we give smiles to others then we’ll receive the same and if we are the reason of somebody’s tears or sadness,We’ll get it a day in any form.

After all Our broken moments don’t define us. It’s how we deal with them that does- Believe It!! 

Happy Week Ahead !

More Later,